At T2S Ibérica, we have over thirty years of experience in the sale of high-visibility workwear for individuals and businesses of different sectors and sizes. In addition, we currently advise public and private entities, enabling them to implement all technological advancements of retroreflective materials for road and personal safety.

In the catalog on our website, you will find a wide range of high-visibility PPE solutions and retroreflective materials for road signage, marking, and vehicle labeling.

Discover our catalog for the sale of high-visibility workwear

At T2S Ibérica, we have a wide variety of high-visibility garments, with which we can meet both the needs of individuals, as well as the requirements of businesses of different sizes that need this type of equipment for their workers.

Camiseta BAHÍA

High-visibility T-shirts, polos, and shirts

All our shirts are stitched without internal seams to avoid uncomfortable rubbing against the skin that can cause injuries.

In addition, the mesh fabric allows for air flow, which provides optimal breathability to the garments.

We also have fire-resistant polos, ideal for jobs in environments where there are sparks, flames, and other types of these risks.

For women, we have models specially designed to adapt to their body shape, like the Bahía shirt.

High-visibility vest

This is an ideal garment for all kinds of tasks in the construction and transportation sector.

At T2S Ibérica, we design and produce vests of different models: simple, with or without pockets, with or without sleeves, and in different colors and materials.

Our vests are unisex and are designed to fit any body and activity.

That’s why, we have sizes ranging from S to 3XL, and details like the multiple pockets of the SAFARI model, which make them a comfortable and functional garment for the most intense workdays.

diferencia entre chaleco de alta visibilidad y chaleco retrorreflectante

Parkas, softshells, jackets, and raincoats

At T2S Ibérica, we also manufacture parkas, softshells, and jackets for men and women, using state-of-the-art materials. Thus, we can offer the highest safety without neglecting the comfort of our products.

  • The CALIFORNIA parka is a parka designed to fit women’s bodies, and features an innovative waterproof and breathable Wovetex 300 fabric with PU coating.

  • The ODIN parka for men is a Class 3 PPE that guarantees protection against flame, heat, welding, and grinding sparks and electric arc.

  • The FALCON softshell is an ideal garment for the intermediate seasons that meets the EN ISO 20471 Class 3 standard for maximum day and night visibility. One of its great advantages is that it can be inserted into the SKY raincoat on rainy days, a garment made with Oxford 300D polyurethane-coated fabric for optimal rain protection.

  • The ROCKET detachable jacket can also be incorporated into the SKY raincoat, providing the necessary warmth to carry out outdoor work during the coldest days.

Sweatshirts and sweaters

In our catalog, you will also find reflective sweatshirts and sweaters, like the FREON model, which is made of a soft, warm, and comfortable polyester mold.

It has a microspherical retroreflective tape on the body and sleeves, ensuring optimal visibility during day and night.

These are ideal garments for days with mild weather, as well as for use as a base layer, under warm parkas.

Sudadera FREON
Pantalón de lluvia Speed OM

Waterproof trousers

Waterproof trousers are a comfortable garment that allows workers to stay dry, even under the most adverse conditions.

All models come in sizes ranging from S to 3XL and provide maximum flexibility and comfort, thanks to the technology of their materials.

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