Our floor and pavements reflectors: greater efficiency and more safety

The floor reflectors are essential objects on the road, as they are considered essential elements of signalling and road safety. They are generally implemented on road signs and contribute to retroreflecting the light that arrives incidentally. 

In fact, they serve to alert, guide or inform the people who drive from the limits and dangers of the roads, allowing them to avoid any type of accident, which is very common on the roads.

To be able to do this, they have to be built and have specific characteristics. Its outline must not be formed by sharp edges, since they don’t have to constitute a danger.  The anchoring system must be permanent because if one day they come off they don’t represent a danger to anyone. In addition, since they are retroreflective objects, they must be visible to any vehicle, even from a distance and regardless of their dimensions.

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What are the types of road reflectors we are going to offer you?

At T2S Ibérica, we can offer you different types of road reflectors, all of which meet these requirements. The road reflectors you can find are organized by groups based on this location. Below you can find a small guide that will help you understand what we offer you.

Pavement reflectors

These objects are retroreflective reflectors used as a horizontal guide, reflect incident light and help drivers to better visualize the roads. 

Their main attribute is that they ensure good visibility, although there is a condition of low light and rainfall. 

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In this class, the STIMSONITE 980, 201. 101, 381C models are differentiated:

  • STIMSONITE 980 is made of ABS polymer with high resistance to impact, high and low temperatures and abrasion. It’s available in two colours, white or amber, and has good retro-reflection thanks to Air Gap technology.

  • STIMSONITE 201, on the other hand, is a device and a system for installing road reflectors in areas with high winter traffic, thanks to its high-resistance polycarbonate material.

  • STIMSONITE 101 is also used in areas with high winter traffic, but it’s made up of a catamaran-shaped ductile iron support.

  • STIMSONITE 381C, located and adapted for areas with high winter traffic, is made up of a high-resistence polycarbonate support. In addition, thanks to its Click Reflector system, it’s presented as a sustainable object with the environment, and perfect for roads.

Reflectors for bionda barrier

Those retroreflective elements that are placed in safety barriers, walls, and parapets are classified in this group. These are used as a guide and delineation of the roadside. 

At T2S Ibérica we have road reflectors for bionda barrier with closed and open anchors, easy to install. The objects offer high resistance to meteorological precipitation without losing their reflective capacity.

Reflector for concrete barrier

The products are the solution for safety in linear reflect oration against concrete barriers because they offer a high power of reflection and versatility. 

The DBH model is made with a synthetic rubber support, and its advantage is that it undergoes a large elastic deformation and returns to its initial shape. In addition, it has four support points to prevent it from turning in an unwanted way. 

The DNJ model has a large retroreflective surface. Thanks to its 4 centimetres width, it maintains high visibility and offers resistance.

Reflectors for corner markers

They represent signalling elements thay reflect the light coming from an external light source. What they help to do is distinguish and recognize the limits of the road. We offer vertical and round reflectors, which offer good retroreflection from different angles of incidence of light and night visibility both on straight lines and on curves.

Materials to apply the ground reflectors

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our adhesive materials for the application of the reflectors.

  • Bitumen Adhesive: hot-melt adhesive with high performance on both asphalt and concrete. It’s special for temperate climates, which maintains its flexibility properties in low-temperature situations.

  • Two-component adhesive: perfect for road reflector maintenance. It’s a thermo-adhesive tablet that sticks the reflector to the ground and can  then be removed without leaving anything. They are easy and quick to install.

  • Single-dose adhesive: perfect for the maintenance of headlight reflectors. It is a thermo-adhesive tablet that sticks the headlight reflector to the ground and can be removed without leaving anything behind. They are easy and quick to apply.

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Buy your ground reflectors at T2S Ibérica

Now that you know the wide range of ground, concrete, bionda barrier and corner marker reflectors we can offer you from T2S Ibérica, contact us to answer any questions about your preferred model. You can call us at +34 93 848 05 68 or, if you prefer, write us at [email protected].