Stimsonite 980

Raised pavement markers are a safety device used on roads to improve delineation and increase preview time, particularly under wet conditions, and have been shown to decrease crash rates on highways with raised pavement marker center lines by approximately 0.5 crashed per million vehicle miles. 

Raised pavement markers play an important safety function on roads, communicating both the travel path for short and long range vehicle operation. Raised pavement markers may be applied using epoxy, bitumen, or preformed thermoplastic. The marker is normally applied to the road surface. 

CE Marking, UNE-EN-1463, parts 1 & 2 classified as S1 R1.

Dimensions: 11,6 x 8,1 x 1,7
Retroreflective Area: 12 cm2
Lens tilt: 35º

Packaging: 100 units
Type: 1 face/ 2 faces
References: 980 BW

980 BY

980 AW

980 EWY




  • Stimsonite 980 is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of UNE-EN-1463 parts 1 and 2, it has the CE marking and is certified as S1 R1, according to the requirements of PG3.
  • Modular lens provides delineation after impact
  • Specially engineered bottom ensures aggressive grip to the roadway
  • Injection molded from durable high impact polymers
  • Recommended for high ADT and high intensity conditions
  • Dimensions ( cm ): 11,6 x 8,1 x 1,7
  • Retrorreflectivity area: 12 cm2
  • Lens tilt: 35º
  • Colours: white or amber
  • Asking for other colours


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