Vinyls for plastic signs are an essential element in the field of road signage. Road signs are essential to inform of certain guidelines, give indications or notify possible changes to drivers. For this reason, products are needed that can adhere to the signals optimally, whatever the material they are. In this sense, in T2S Ibérica, we can offer you both vinyl for metal signals and vinyl for plastic signals. 

In T2S Ibérica we have vinyls for plastic signals specially made so that they can adhere to surfaces of this material. Its design not only facilitates its placement, but also guarantees its adhesion and its resistance so that they are glued for long periods.

These vinyls also guarantee both day and night visibility of the plastic signs on which they are placed, since they are retroreflective. 

Vinyl for plastic signals ORALITE 5930M

The RETROreflective sheets ORALITE® 5930M Prismatic Construction Grade have a design designed to be used outdoors in the medium term. They are ideal for signalling areas of works or areas under construction, or certain warnings on traffic routes.

Available in 50-meter coils with the standard widths of 610 mm and 1235 mm. 

Characteristics of the ORALITE 5930M

One of its main characteristics is that they are formed by a single layer and that greatly prevents dirt from entering the edges. They are made of level II monolayer microprismatic sheet, which offers impermeability. In addition, they have a PVC film surface with a special treatment for plastics.

Available in white, yellow, red, and green. Its lifespan is five years. 

Vinyl for plastic signals ORALITE 5930

The ORALITE 5930 is a type of vinyl for plastic signals that, due to the adhesive applied, are designed to be glued on polyolefin bases and surfaces. It highlights its great adhesion and its ease of gluing, which is almost instantaneous. That is, they are easy to place.

Its reflection values comply with EN 12899-1 (Europe) and the daytime reflection colours meet international specifications for reflective materials of this class. 

Characteristics of the ORALITE 5930M

Available in coils of 50 meters of 610 mm and 1235 mm wide. They are level II microprismatic sheets and are extremely flexible.

In addition, it emphasizes its resistance to corrosion and solvents. Its shelf life reaches five years and is available in seven different colours ranging from white to red, through several options of yellows and oranges (fluorescent yellow, fluorescent greenish yellow, fluorescent orange). 

Vinyl for plastic signals ORALITE 5830

ORALITE 5830 plastic signal vinyls are made of a level II microspherical sheet. They are retroreflective sheets of a thickness of 0.21 mm, and we have them available in coils of 50 meters with a standard width of 610 mm, 760 mm, 920 mm and 1235 mm.

They are used in signs and devices of traffic guidance and warnings. They are specific for plastics and guarantee good adhesion immediately. Furthermore, they are flexible vinyls that resist the application of solvents and corrosion. 

Available in three colours: white, red and yellow. Its lifespan is five years.

Vinyl for plastic signals ORALITE 5430

ORALITE 5430 is a vinyl for plastic signals available in 50-meter coils with standard widths of 610 mm, 760 mm, 920 mm and 1235 mm. Printing on solvent inkjet printers is guaranteed, with excellent processing for cutting plotters. 

One of its main attributes is that it adheres perfectly on rough surfaces almost instantaneously. It is a flexible, retroreflective vinyl made of level I microspherical sheet.

Available in three basic colours: white, yellow and red, with a shelf life that reaches four years. 

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