Functions and utilities of fixed beacon signs

If you don’t know us yet, you should know that T2S Ibérica is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of high visibility items used for road signs and used for road and personal safety.

fixed beacon signs

Our wide range of products is specialized in high-visibility PPE clothing, road marking beacons, including multiple vehicle marking kits and various reflective films for the development of numerous traffic signs. Our company also has an extensive catalogue offering interesting solutions for road safety.

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Before going into the types of beaconing signs that exist, it is convenient to define what they are exactly. The beacon signs are that set of lights and devices that, as their name suggests, indicate that a road is being built, designing a layout or the obstacles that are on it. 

Broadly speaking, there are two types of signals:

  • Fixed beacons: they are composed of guiding devices.

  • Variable beacon signs: these are formed at specific times that modify the normal regime of road use, i.e., barrier devices.

Types of fixed beacon signs and their functions

Guidance devices are a type of fixed beacon signs whose main function is to indicate changes in the road or the existence of a potential problem. On the other hand, these signs indicate the limits of works that may be on that road or other possible obstacles.

Below, we detail the types of fixed beacon signs that exist, all of which are included in our catalogue of beacons for public roads.

  • Vertex milestone: it is a sign with a semi-cylindrical shape on the front and a series of triangles on the back. They are designed with a type of retro-reflective material that improves their visibility.

  • Edge marker: the main purpose of this sign is to mark the edges of roads at night or when there is less visibility.

  • Permanent directional panel: this device is designed to be able to guide and signal users to a specific hazard.

  • Horizontal reflectors (also known as cat’s eyes): they are placed on the road to highlight the lane boundaries or the direction of traffic.  The functions of horizontal reflectors are many, and you can find out more about them here.

  • Barrier beacons: if they are located on the right side of the road, their colour is white or yellow, but if they are located on the left side, their colour is white. At T2S Ibérica you will find the leading bionda barrier beacons on the market.

  • Flat beacons: these are elements that mark the edge of the roadway, the limits of construction sites or other obstacles on the road.

  • Cylindrical beacons: they are in charge of reinforcing any security measure and cannot cross the line.

fixed beacon signs
  • Side barriers: various types such as rigid, semi-rigid and movable. They have the main function of marking the edge of the platform, protecting against the exits of the track.

Where can you buy good quality fixed beacon signs?

At TS2 Ibérica, we can advise you on the beaconing signs that you require and that may be useful for the work in question. In the same way, in our catalogue you can choose from a wide range of options that will allow you to cover all the required needs.

Our company is the official distributor in Spain of high visibility products of some of the most recognized and prestigious brands worldwide. Examples of this are STIMSONITE reflectors, ORAFOL retro-reflective films and VIZLITE reflective belts.

T2S Ibérica has an infrastructure of 3500 m3 and offers its customers the guarantee of delivering orders within a maximum of 72 hours anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

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