Functions and Uses of Fixed Beacon Signals

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In this post, we will show you all the types of beacon signals currently available, as well as their main functionality.

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What are the uses of fixed and variable beacon signals?

Before delving into the different types of beacon signals, it is important to define what they are exactly. Beacon signals are sets of lights and devices that indicate road construction, route design, or highlight obstacles that may be present.

In general terms, there are two types of signals: fixed and variable.

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  • Fixed beacon signals: These signals are composed of stationary guiding devices. Their main function is to provide constant and clear information to drivers, alerting them to road changes, ongoing roadworks, or other potential obstacles.

  • Variable beacon signals: These signals are created at specific times and modify the normal usage regime of the road. Typically, barrier devices are used to temporarily block certain areas of the road and guide drivers towards alternative routes.

Types of fixed beacon signals and their functions

Guide devices are a type of fixed beacon signals that have the main function of indicating changes in the road or the existence of potential issues. These signals also indicate the limits of roadworks or other obstacles that may be present.

Below, we detail the types of fixed beacon signals that we offer in our catalog of road beacons for public roads:

  • Vertex milestone: This type of signal has a semicylindrical shape on the front and features a series of triangles on the back. They are designed with retroreflective material that enhances their visibility, especially during nighttime or in low visibility conditions. Vertex milestones are ideal for indicating changes in the direction of the road or signaling the presence of obstacles on the way.

  • Edge milestone: These signals have the main purpose of marking the edges of roads during nighttime or in low visibility conditions. Their distinctive design, which is usually a reflective strip placed at an angle on the road edge, helps drivers clearly visualize the boundaries of the road and prevent accidental departures.

  • Permanent directional panel: This device is designed to guide and inform users about a specific hazard, change of direction, or any other important information related to the road. Permanent directional panels are typically rectangular and equipped with reflective arrows or text to provide clear instructions to drivers.

  • Horizontal reflectors  (also known as cat’s eyes): these are placed on the road surface to highlight lane boundaries or traffic directions. Horizontal road studs are essential elements for improving visibility in low light conditions or darkness. In addition to their lane delineation function, horizontal reflectors also provide tactile and auditory information to drivers through vibrations and sounds when passing over them.

  • Barrier reflector: these road studs are placed on the right side of the road and are either white or yellow in color. If they are located on the left side, they are white. Barrier road studs are essential for alerting drivers to the presence of physical barriers or dividers on the road. They provide a clear visual guide and ensure increased safety in situations where precise lane delineation is required.

  • Flat beacons: these elements indicate the edge of the roadway, the limits of construction works, or any other obstacle present on the road. Flat beacons are usually rectangular or square in shape and are equipped with reflectors to enhance their visibility. They are particularly useful during the night or in low visibility conditions as they alert drivers to the presence of obstacles and ensure safer driving.

  • Cylindrical beacons: These beacons enhance road safety measures and are used to indicate specific zones or boundaries. Their cylindrical and reflective design helps drivers clearly identify reference points and areas to avoid.

  • Side barriers: There are various types of side barriers, such as rigid, semi-rigid, and portable barriers. Their main function is to mark the edge of the roadway and provide protection against roadway departures. These side barriers are essential to ensure the safety of drivers and prevent accidents caused by unintended road departures.

Where can you buy good quality fixed beacon signs?

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