How to choose the jacket that gives us the best visibility in our working environment

In order to choose the best high visibility jacket, it is essential that we make sure that we choose the correct type. To do so, it is important to assess the risk that we face: type of vehicles, volume of traffic, speed of the traffic and how much time we are exposed to it.

To achieve the appropriate protection, it is important that the garment has a good durability, the size is correct and it is properly used and maintained. Therefore, we have to take into account:

  • The limitations of the garment, what it protects against and what it doesn’t.

  • How to wear the garment correctly. For example, whether it is fastened up or not can change its visibility.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to cleaning the garment and storing it.

  • Repairs must not be carried out on the garment on our own initiative,  for example, on hems or stitching the reflective bands that may have fallen off.

  • A qualified person should take care of maintaining the garment and checking it continues to comply with the correct conditions of use.

High Visibility Jackets Catalogue

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the environmental conditions that we find ourselves in.   In terms of colour, jackets that comply with the regulations are yellow, orangey-red and red. We will need to ensure that these colours are not found in our working environment, for example, in autumn the foliage can reduce the visibility of a red or orangey-red jacket. 

It is also important that the item of clothing contrasts with equipment and that the person could not be confused with being an item of equipment. Above all, it is vital to bear in mind that the potential movements of the person do not affect the condition of visibility provided by the jacket.

Models of high visibility jackets

There are different models of softshell and high visibility jackets with different characteristics that adapt to the preferences and needs of each user. They all meet minimum conditions such as durability, low wear and tear from use, that they are breathable garments and that they don’t have a big impact on the cleaning cycle.

  • Softshell work jacket: They are an ideal type of jacket for between seasons thanks to their elastic fabric and the fleece lining inside. They meet the Class 3 standard for maximum visibility both during the day and night. Finally, their slim fit offers functionality as well as freedom of movement.

  • Yosemite jacket: highly versatile because it is a reversible garment, on the one side it provides high visibility and on the other it turns into an urban jacket.

  • Removable jacket: They are highly functional pieces because they adapt to the needs of the person wearing them. Depending on the weather, they can be used with or without sleeves without affecting their condition as high visibility garments.

  • High visibility jacket: It is a highly resistant garment on the fluorescent side and with a padded lining which makes it ideal for use between seasons.

best high visibility jacket
best high visibility jacket

As with other high visibility garments, it is important to also bear in mind that the jackets can also be personalised. We can therefore see that the condition of high visibility met by these jackets does not diminish the ability to tailor the garment for each user.

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