Vests, reflective safety clothing and softshell jackets for women designed by T2S IBÉRICA

softshell jacket woman

Our selection of high visibility safety clothing for women complies with the highest possible cleanliness and safety standards for industrial and road work. In addition, they are specifically designed to fit a woman’s body as ergonomically as possible.

At T2S Ibérica you will find everything from softshell jackets for women, to waistcoats, trousers, and wind breakers.

You may not find the T2S Ibérica collection on high fashion catwalks, but its reflective colours, fit, and design stand out perfectly in the women’s softshell jackets we manufacture and offer.

T2S Ibérica design products exclusively for women

In many of today’s workplaces, women work as hard as men, exposed to cold, rain, mud, traffic. All these conditions are unpleasant and dangerous. But to do the job safely and effectively, women need high-visibility women’s workwear.

T2S IBÉRICA is obvious about the concept of women’s workwear. It is not about adapting men’s clothing, it is about designing on women’s bodies, adapting to their characteristics so that they can work comfortably and safely. We use high-tech features on these garments to achieve weather-resistant and highly durable products.

Ladies: T2S IBÉRICA listens to you and takes note when you say that your workwear has failed too often, is uncomfortable and unpleasant to wear. That’s why we have something better to offer: garments designed specifically for your needs.

softshell jacket woman

Women’s softshell jacket: the importance of women’s workwear

softshell jacket woman

It is worth investigating what it is about women’s workwear that has historically been so inadequate to meet the needs of working women. For a start, one of the most important aspects is that it has to fit properly. Ill-fitting protective clothing can be uncomfortable and distracting to the wearer, increasing the risk of accidents, injury, or death if, for example, being caught in machinery.

The historical lack of comfortable, properly cut and comfortable women’s reflective workwear can be a very difficult obstacle for women working on the road. This, of course, ends up reinforcing sexist stereotypes, when the real cause is that women typically simply cannot get the equipment they need to work efficiently and we at T2S Ibérica want to do our bit to combat this stigma.

What does it mean when workwear is cut for a woman?

A women’s softshell jacket or other women’s workwear includes specific cut options made to improve the fit for female wearers. This means a wider cut across the chest and hips, which is a completely unique cut from men’s clothing.

Interestingly, women are so diverse in their body types and shapes that some women may be able to wear men’s workwear comfortably, but it is crucial to have the option of women’s workwear available that is specifically designed for them.

At T2S Ibérica, we believe that it is the industry that has to adapt to the female workforce and not the other way around. Our workwear is designed from the ground up for the female worker, and it is not a matter of adapting existing male moulds or adding pink piping to them to be accepted by the female public, which is why many manufacturers fail when making their catalogues.

Women’s softshell jackets, t-shirts, trousers, waterproofs and much more at T2S Ibérica

  • Bahia T-shirt:
    Made of technical mesh with high moisture transfer, close fit, lightweight, and silky to the touch, the Bahia T-shirt by T2S Ibérica fits perfectly to the woman’s body ensuring a good fit and comfort. It has antibacterial treatment and heat-applied micro-spherical segmented retro-reflective tape, positioned according to safety standards.

  • Amazone Raincoats:
    Comfortable and fashionable waterproof jackets that keep the wearer visible in adverse weather conditions, safe and dry day and night. With elasticated waist and feminine cut.

  • Women’s softshell jacket:
    Women’s softshell jackets are very functional, with detachable sleeves, adjustable cuffs and pockets lined with micromink, a unique detail in the market. They can be worn alone or combined with the parka. Made from softshell, a three-layer laminated technical safety material for flexibility and comfort. Fully water-repellent and windproof.

  • California 4-in-1 parka
    Thanks to its cut and elasticated waist, the CALIFORNIA parka has been specially designed for women. This is a high visibility 4-in-1 parka that guarantees breathability, and it is waterproof. It can be worn alone or with its detachable high visibility jacket for extra protection against the cold.

  • Rain trousers:
    High visibility, fully sealed rain work trousers. Lightweight and durable for construction work, traffic control, road work or general outdoor work.

softshell jacket woman

The best high visibility workwear for women can be found at T2S Ibérica

Fortunately, there is a new style of reflective workwear for women that undoes all the old stereotypes and embraces the real must-haves for today’s working woman. At T2S Ibérica, we are producing high-quality women’s workwear that looks amazing and works just as well as any workwear designed for men.

Working women take their work seriously, and we take workwear seriously, just as your company respects the female workforce.

For this reason, we at T2S Ibérica invite you to contact us through our channels, where we guarantee you personalized advice based on our extensive experience for the evaluation and purchase of products according to your needs. You can email us to or call us at +34 93 848 05 68.