What is the best headlight reflector to buy?

Retroreflectors are retro-reflective elements that mark the limits of public roads, helping those who travel on them to have a better view of the roads and their signage. For this reason, it is relatively common to have to buy reflectors adapted to the area and the surface on which they have to be placed. These are trapezoidal or rectangular plates that are used as a road support to guide the reflection of light emitted by cars.

In addition, for greater road safety, the reflectors mark the road, avoiding collisions or accidents caused by low visibility: they are useful both during the day and at night.

One of the main features that you can find in these devices is their functionality in illuminating the limits of the road when there is little light.

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What type of retroreflectors can we offer you from T2S Ibérica?

TS2 Ibérica is a company that markets and manufactures high visibility and signalling products that meet the most demanding quality and safety standards.

If you are looking to buy reflectors, you should know that there are multiple types that can be classified according to their performance: permanent or temporary, glass or plastic reflectors, with abrasion-resistant surface and deformable or non-deformable.

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  • Pavement reflectors are optical guidance elements used to complete the signalling of road markings that reflect a large amount of light, in order to give greater clarity to those driving on the roads.

Buy bollards for Bionda barrier in T2S Ibérica

If you want to buy bollards for Bionda barrier, in T2S Ibérica we offer you these elements of easy installation that have an important feature: their great resistance to weather variations, as they do not lose their reflective capacity.

What are bollards or metal fences?

Bollards are metal fences that mark out roads or highways in steep mountains to avoid collisions. For this reason, TS2 Ibérica is the best choice in the production and installation of these vital elements in the signalling for the prevention of vehicular accidents or the solution for any need that you have.

What is the DTB model of T2S Ibérica?

The DTB model of reflectors that we manufacture and market at T2S Ibérica has reflectors that are more resistant to ultraviolet rays and other impacts, avoiding discolouration and other consequences of retro-reflection. In addition, they preserve the optimum angle for retroreflection at all times.

In addition to these features, they prevent the retro-reflector from coming loose from the steel body or even breaking off.

Buy DTB headlight reflectors at T2S Ibérica: models and characteristics

These are the flagship models of T2S Ibérica’s headlight reflectors

  • The DTB 1 is quick to mount, as it fits directly onto the bionic barrier by simply loosening the nut with one turn. It also has a higher visibility thanks to the high coefficient of the retro-reflection of the retro-reflectors.

    It has UV-resistant PMMA lenses to maintain retroreflection and colouring. To prevent soiling, it has a non-stick lens surface.

  • The DTB 2 has an R2 Class 2 type headlamp cover lens in accordance with UNE 135366 standards, with a plastic corner cube reflector, which is easy and quick to install. It has excellent retroreflection from different angles of incidence of light. It is designed to provide road users with good night-time visibility on both straight and curved roads.

  • The DTB 2N is recommended for motorways in winter areas.

    Because of the pressure with which the snow impacts the headlight when the snowplough passes, the rigidity of the structure of this model is necessary and merges with the functionality of the DBT 1.

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  • The DTB 3 is a double-sided beacon with open anchorage for quick replacement. It is made of 1.5 mm thick steel. It has a stainless aluminium rivet fixing for the reflectors, which allows it to withstand winter road conditions.

The new DTB 4 is a headlamp cover with a closed anchoring system

If you need to buy headlamp covers, you should consider this new model. The new DTB 4 presented by TS2 Ibérica is a headlamp with a patented lateral closed anchorage system.

Its mixed system has the strength of the conventional anchoring system of the DTB 2 model and the speed of installation of a DTB 3 lateral anchoring system. In other words, you can install it easily by loosening the nut on the screw of the Bionda barrier.

Features that make the DBT 4 headlamp lenses worth buying

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  • It has a system patented by T2S Ibérica.
  • Its lenses are made of PMMA and are resistant to ultraviolet rays that preserve colouring and retroreflection.
  • Its non-stick surface prevents the accumulation of dirt. Stainless aluminium rivets secure the retro-reflectors.
  • Its design withstands impact and thermal expansion. Its headlamp cap body is made of 1.5 mm steel.

Do you want to buy headlight reflectors in T2S Ibérica?

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