If you are looking for sewing reflective tape, T2S Ibérica has many alternatives to offer. We have options made of different materials that can be perfectly adapted to the characteristics of different high visibility garments.

These types of products are key pieces in making workers more visible in construction, roadworks, and other outdoor environments in general that may contain potential hazards to their safety.

Our tapes are designed to withstand all the adversities to which workwear is exposed. Therefore, they maintain their performance even in the most challenging conditions, such as rain, industrial washing, and dry cleaning, among many others.

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The models of sewing reflective tape that you can find in our catalog

In the T2S Ibérica catalog, you can find a wide variety of sewing reflective tapes, which can be classified into two groups: microprismatic tapes and microspheric tapes.

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Microprismatic tapes: high resistance and reflectivity

Microprismatic tapes stand out for their high level of reflectivity, which exceeds the maximum performance level of the EN ISO 20471:2013 standard. They are also highly recommended due to their great resistance to solvents and atmospheric conditions.

They are specially designed to be sewn into high visibility workwear. Therefore, the reflective material it contains is welded to a UV-stabilized polymeric film, which allows protecting the prism surfaces from dirt and moisture and not losing effectiveness.

One of the most outstanding models among microprismatic tapes is the Oralite GP 801 check, which has a grid of colored squares. We also want to highlight our high visibility fire-resistant tapes, such as the Oralite GP 801FR and the Oralite FTP 2000, which are perfect for incorporating into garments designed to protect workers who work in environments exposed to sparks, flames, and hot materials.

Microspheric tapes: great vehicle visibility

Microspheric tape for sewing is perfect for work activities that take place in environments with vehicle circulation. They are tapes that improve the user’s visibility and reduce the risk of being run over, making them ideal for roadworks, railways, airports, warehouses, or shipyards.

Thanks to the enormous effectiveness of microspheric tapes, they are also the perfect option not only for workwear but also for sportswear.

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Among the models of microspheric tapes, there are those that are fire-resistant, such as the VizLite 305K, which allows them to withstand high temperatures. They are ideal for incorporating into fire-resistant clothing, such as welding pants and work overalls, which protect workers from flames, hot materials, and sparks.

cinta reflectante para coser

What other types of reflective tapes are available for workwear?

In addition to sew-on tape models, there are others that are applied by heat in a process called “heat sealing.” These types of tapes are characterized by the high flexibility they offer. In this way, they are not only more comfortable for users, but can also be used even on stretchable garments.

We have a wide variety of microspheric tape models with different properties. Therefore, it is important to choose the model according to possible adversities that the garment may face, such as fire protection, waterproofness, and breathability.

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