The acquisition of a new warehouse of 350 m² in July 2023 will strengthen logistics and expand the product offerings of T2S Ibérica.

T2S Ibérica, a leader in the distribution of retroreflective products for road safety in Spain, has announced the expansion of its operations with the acquisition of a new industrial warehouse. Strategically located in the Santa María Park industrial estate, this facility represents a significant step in the growth and operational efficiency of the company.

Details of the new facilities

The new warehouse, adjacent to the company’s existing two, has a total area of 350 m². Designed with functionality in mind, it includes storage areas with capacity for approximately 120 pallets and a spacious office area of 150 m². The latter will be dedicated to an innovative showroom and customer service spaces, reflecting T2S Ibérica’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The goal is to improve logistics and customer service

The new logistics warehouse will play a crucial role in supporting and improving the operations of the company’s other two warehouses. Its addition to the T2S Ibérica logistics network will significantly increase the number of shipments, thus optimizing efficiency and speed in delivery. This advancement ensures not only better inventory management but also a more agile response to market needs.


The future involves continuing with the expansion and growth of the company

With this expansion, T2S Ibérica further consolidates its position in the sector, strengthening its ability to increase sales and expand its product catalog. “This new warehouse is not just a physical expansion; it is an investment in our future, in the continuous improvement of our services, and in expanding our offerings to meet the demands of our customers,” comments David Fernández, the company’s operations director.

The inauguration of this new facility not only represents a milestone in the trajectory of T2S Ibérica but also reflects its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. With this addition, the company is well-positioned to face future challenges and continue leading in the security and signaling market.

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