VizLite 200

VizLite 200 Silver Reflective Material is intended for use in the PPE market for the inclusion in High Visibility Warning clothing such as EN ISO 20471:2013 and ANSI Jackets and Waistcoats to enhance visibility in low light and night time conditions.

Special features:
Wash-resistant features:50 domestic washes at 60 ° C

10 dry cleanings

Dimensions:50,8 mm x 200 m

70 mm x 200 m

Packaging:6 rolls of 200 m

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  • 50 homewashing cycles at 60°C including tumble dry maximum temperature 60°C
  • Is dry cleanable up to 10 times
  • The fabric is constructed of a layer of microscopic retro reflective glass beads bonded onto a 65% Poly/ 35% Cotton fabric backing.
  • Width: 50’8 mm and 70 mm
  • Standard length: 200m.
  • Standards: 
    • EN ISO 20471:2013 – High visibility clothing

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