ORALITE® 5960 High Intensity Prismatic Construction Grade retroreflective sheeting has been specially created for the manufacture of traffic control and beacon signs, as well as information and warning signs, intended for temporary use outdoors.

ORALITE® 5960 meets the specifications for reflection values of DIN 67520: 2008-11 (RA2; Composition C) and ASTM D4956 (Type IV).

Dimensions:50 m spools
Width:610 mm, 760 mm, 920 mm and 1235 mm
Durability:5 years
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  • Reflective film (RA2, C)
  • 50 meter spools with standard widths of: 610 mm, 760 mm, 920 mm and 1235 mm
  • Level II microprismatic foil
  • 9 colours
  • Durability 5 years
  • For temporary traffic control, guidance and warning signs
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and solvents
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent
  • Honeycomb structure

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