Non parallel impact attenuator

The Crash Cushion System ( CCS ) is a piece of equipment installed in highway intersections and accident-prone areas to protect a driver and a car by absorbing impact energy when impact. CCS is designed to protect motorists in a vehicle (900kg to 1500kg) and vehicle itself by effectively absorbing shock on impact. CCS also redirects the vehicle away from the hazard such as roadway machinery and workers.




  • Redirective and Repairable
  • Great visibility day and night created by the contrasting colors of its forehead and delineators
  • Refined design with orange plastic tanks
  • Models: CCS 50 km/h, CCS 80 km/h, CCS 100 km/h and CCS 110km/h    



  • Shindo’s CCSI (Non Parallel) has been tested at CSI Spa, Italy as a redirective crash cushion for the maximum speed of 100km/h conforming to EN1317-3 standards.
  • To fully comply with the definition of a System Type Tested Crash Cushion, Shindo’s CCSI went through further tests for CCSI 110km/h, CCSI 80km/h and CCSI 50km/h
  • Models: 
    • CCSI 50 km/h
    • CCSI 80 km/h
    • CCSI 100 km/h
    • CCSI 110 km/h

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50 km/h, 80 km/h, 100 km/h, 110 km/h


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