ChipFill® is a thermoplastic specially designed to repair cracks and small holes in asphalt with a diameter of approximately 15-20 cm, minimizing the risk of defects increasing. Repair time is about 20 minutes from start to opening of traffic.

To ensure slip resistance, add anti-slip additives after application while material is still hot.

Application:The surface must be clean and dry, before applying heat up to 200ºC
Traffic Opening:20-25 minutes
Format:12kg bags
Packaging:Pallets of 66 bags

Application instructions



  • Granulated thermoplastic resin for the repair of potholes, peels and cracks.
  • Definitive repair. Although the application must be carried out dry, even if it rains once it has been repaired, it will not rise.
  • Can be opened to traffic or painted in 20-25 minutes.
  • According to EN-1436.
  • 12 kg bags. Pallet of 66 bags.


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