ORALITE® 5421 Commercial Fleet Marking Grade are flexible, weatherproof, self-adhesive retroreflective films with an excellent corrosion and solvent resistance. The smooth surface shows a high scratch resistance and impact strength, and a very good printability.

Dimensions: 141 mm or 282 mm
Packaging: 9 m or 50 m spools
Durability: 4 years
Reference: 5421


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  • Reflective film (RA1, A)
  • Available in white printed with red hatching pattern 
  • Standard widths, mm: 282, 141 
  • Standard lengths, m: 50 
  • Available cut roll widths, mm: 282 mm x 9 m, 141 mm x 9 m (set of left + right) 
  • High degree of flexibility
  • 4 years durability*
  • Easy to apply, with good adaptability also to uneven surfaces
  • Removable from painted surfaces (by use of heat)


Note: This type of film is only allowed for application onto vehicles in selected European countries. Please check local specifications. 

* Depending on the stress the films are subjected to, full functionality is guaranteed for the above stated number of years.

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