VC 104 Curtain Grade Segmented

Safety marking tapes for curtain sided trailers.

Dimensions: 50 m x 56 mm
Packaging: 10 rolls of 50 m
Durability: 3 years
Reference: R2332

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  • Outstanding long distance night time visibility
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • No edge sealing required
  • Easy to cut
  • Applies as a single strip
  • Ideal for repairs
  • Visually appealing
  • Resistant to power washing
  • Vinyl construction, flexes with the curtain
  • Highly resistant to most cleaning processes
  • Assumed working life by specialist application: 3 years
  • Approved to ECE 104 Class C
  • Single layer prismatic construction with adhesive backing
  • Roll size: 56 mm x 50 m
  • Segment size: 48 mm x 50 mm (6 mm spacing)


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