Pre-marked lines are a highly resistant permanent marking system. The material melts with the surface, thus allowing a long life. It has a resistance between 6 and 8 times higher than other traffic and road marking paints.

The glass microspheres are evenly spread over the 3 mm thick surface of the thermoplastic material ensuring optimal reflection throughout the useful life of the product.

Opening of traffic:
Measures:100 mm x 1000 mm

150 mm x 1000 mm

200 mm x 1000 mm



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  • Thermoplastic vial marking with embedded spheres.
  • Preformed for quick installation with witnesses to help confirm proper installation.
  • The vial brand has microspheres throughout its thickness, ensuring a 6 to 8 times longer brand life than a painted vial brand.
  • Measurements:
    • 100 mm x 1.000 mm
    • 150 mm x 1.000 mm
    • 200 mm x 1.000 mm


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