VizLite 205 HFR CUT

VizLite® 205HFR/CUT is a segmented heat-applied premium reflective tape, which is suitable for fire retardant and/or waterproof clothing that requires an EN ISO 20471:2013 compliant tape, to enhance visibility in low light and night-time conditions, as well as rental garments exposed to industrial laundering.

Special features:Supports industrial washes
Characteristics of resistance to washing:100 domestic washes at 60°C

30 industrial washes at 75º

50 dry cleaning

Dimensions:50,8 mm x 200 m
Packaging:6 rolls of 200 m
Reference:205 H



  • 100 domestic washes at 60°C including tumble drying at maximum temperature 60°C.
  • 30 industrial washes at 75º including tumble drying at maximum temperature 60°C.
  • 50 dry cleaning
  • The fabric is constructed of a layer of microscopic retro reflective glass beads bonded onto a 65% Poly/ 35% Cotton fabric backing.
  • Standard length: 200 m.
  • Standard width: 50,8 mm.
  • Standards:
    • EN ISO 20471:2013 – High visibility clothing 
    • EN 469: 2005 + A1:2006 – Protective clothing for firefighters – Performance requirements for protective clothing for firefighting activities
    • EN ISO 11611:2015 – Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes
    • EN ISO 11612: 2015 – Protective clothing — Clothing to protect against heat and flame — Minimum performance requirements
    • EN ISO 14116:2008 – Clothing to protect against heat and flame
    • EN 1149-5: 2008 – Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties

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High visibility and flame retardant




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