VizLite DT 10 & 50

VizLite®DT 10 & 50 are photoluminescent tapes that can accompany VizLite tapes or applied directly to any high visibility garment. DT tapes use photoluminescent technology that absorbs natural or artificial UV rays and then emits them photoluminescently in low light conditions or in total darkness. They come in 10mm or 50mm. It is applied for sewing.

Special Features:
Characteristics of resistance to washing:50 washes at 40ºC
Dimensions:10 mm, 50 mm, 1000 mm
References:DT 10 & 50

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  • 50 household washes at 40 ° C
  • 50 meter spools with two standard widths: 10 mm or 50 mm
  • Application: stitched
  • The material is screen-printable and allows embroidery
  • Certifications:
    • Photoluminescent material meets ISO 17398

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