Personal protective equipment, known by the acronym EPI, are essential elements for the safe performance of work activities and are mandatory according to the parameters set by the Prevention of Occupational Risks.

This equipment was standardized in 1997 by Royal Decree 773, which establishes the minimum safety provisions to protect the health and life of workers against hazards in the working environment. A year earlier they had already been regulated by the European Parliament through regulation 216/425, with CE marking.  

At T2S Ibérica we are fully aware of the Spanish regulations for hi-visibility clothing and all our products are within the corresponding legal framework.

types of PPE in Spain

If you want to know more details about the types of PPE in Spain, read on.

Types of PPE in Spain: requirements and conditions

In Spain PPE must follow these guidelines:

  • Equipment is designed and manufactured to protect a worker against health or safety hazards.

  • Parts of the equipment must be essential to fulfil their protective function.

  • Simple and intuitive to use: the connection systems to the equipment that are in contact with an external device do not have to have permanent fixings or require fastening manoeuvres before use.

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The categories of CE marked PPE according to their risk category

The types of PPE in Spain are designed according to the different types of risk they have to face and minimize, which have different levels. The classification, from the lowest to the highest risk from which the equipment protects, is divided into PPE categories I, II and III. In addition, category III ensures the protection of categories I and II.

PPE category I

They are those simple designs that can protect against light and minor injuries. These products are considered category I PPE:

  • Garden gloves.

  • Kitchen gloves for objects at temperatures not exceeding 50ºC.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Lightweight helmets.

  • Protective clothing and footwear for non-exceptional and non-extreme weather conditions.

types of PPE in Spain
types of PPE in Spain

PPE category II

This type of PPE is characterized by a more complex design and an intermediate range of protection. They are available for the whole body or for specific areas.

To guarantee their quality, they must have CE marking, pass laboratory tests and be certified by the competent body. Examples of category II PPE:

  • Special protective equipment for extremities such as hands, and arms and legs or feet.

  • All helmets, including cycling and scooter helmets.

  • Goggles or shields to protect all or part of the face and eyes.

  • All types of health protection to prevent the spread of diseases, today so much in the limelight by COVID-19: face, mouth and eye masks and shields.

PPE category III

They are the most complex and heavy equipment, as they provide protection against serious health damage that may be irreversible, such as burns or amputations, falls from heights or fatal accidents. 

They are considered category III PPE:

  • Harnesses to prevent falls.

  • Breathing protection devices.

  • Protective suits against chemical, ionizing or flame agents.

  • Protective suits against freezing (-50 degrees).

  • Protection against electrical hazards.

types of PPE in Spain

T2S Ibérica and its contribution to EPI

T2S Ibérica has more than 30 years of experience in the field of safety, as we are dedicated to the manufacture of road safety clothing and reflective materials and high visibility clothing.

The hi-visibility clothing manufactured by T2S Ibérica provides extra safety, as its reflective materials are ideal for working in all weather conditions, rain, snow or fog, day or night.

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