What is the role of personal protective equipment or PPE?



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a fundamental role in ensuring safety in work activities and is mandatory according to parameters established by Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

In Spain, these equipment are regulated by specific regulations that establish requirements and conditions for their use.

Spanish regulations for PPE are based on Royal Decree 773/1997, which establishes minimum safety and health provisions for the use of personal protective equipment by workers.

This decree sets the requirements that PPE must meet to protect the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

Furthermore, in 1996, the European Parliament approved Regulation 216/425, which regulates the requirements for CE marking of personal protective equipment.

At T2S Ibérica, we are fully acquainted with Spanish regulations for high-visibility clothing, and all our products comply with the corresponding legal framework. Our commitment is to provide high-quality personal protective equipment that meets established safety standards.

Types of PPE in Spain: requirements and conditions


In Spain, PPE must follow certain guidelines to ensure their effectiveness and safety. These guidelines include:

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  • The equipment must be designed and manufactured to protect workers against risks to their health or safety. This means that the equipment must be capable of mitigating the specific hazards present in the work environment.


  • The parts of the equipment must be essential to fulfill its protective function. This means that all components of the equipment, whether they are materials, fastening elements, or adjustment devices, must contribute to the effective protection of the worker.


  • The equipment must be easy to use and intuitive. Connection systems to external devices should not have permanent attachments or require pre-fastening maneuvers before use. This facilitates proper use of the equipment and minimizes errors by the worker.


Complying with these guidelines is essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of PPE in the workplace. At T2S Ibérica, we ensure that our products meet legal and quality requirements to provide maximum protection to workers.


The categories of PPE with CE marking according to their risk category.


The types of PPE in Spain are designed according to the different types of risks they have to face and mitigate, which have different levels. The classification, from lower to higher risk that the equipment protects against, is divided into PPE categories I, II, and III. Additionally, category III ensures the protection of categories I and II.


PPE category I


types of PPE in Spain

PPE category I: These are protective equipment designed to protect against mild and general risks.

They include products such as garden gloves, kitchen gloves for objects at temperatures not exceeding 50 °C, sunglasses, lightweight helmets, and protective clothing and footwear against non-exceptional or extreme atmospheric agents.

PPE category II


types of PPE in Spain

PPE category II: These equipment provide an intermediate level of protection and are more complex in their design. They are used to protect against moderate or specific risks.

Some examples include protection equipment for limbs such as hands, arms, legs, and feet, helmets (including those for cycling and scooters), goggles or face shields that provide total or partial protection for the face and eyes, as well as all types of sanitary protection that prevent disease transmission, such as masks and mouth and eye shields.

PPE category III


types of PPE in Spain

PPE category III: These equipment provide protection against serious risks that can cause irreversible damage, such as burns, amputations, falls from heights, or fatal accidents.

Some examples of category III PPE are fall arrest harnesses, respiratory protective devices, protective suits against chemical, ionizing, or fire hazards, protective suits against extreme temperatures (-50 degrees), and protection against electrical risks.

*It is important to note that CE marking is a requirement for category II and III PPE, as it indicates that the product meets the safety and quality standards established by European regulations.

T2S Ibérica and its contribution to PPE


At T2S Ibérica, we have over 30 years of experience in safety, as we specialize in the production of high-visibility protective clothing and the manufacturing of reflective materials and high-visibility garments.

Our high-visibility clothing made by T2S Ibérica provides an extra level of safety, as its reflective materials are optimal for working in any weather conditions, whether it’s day or night, rain, snow, or fog. We ensure that all our products comply with the quality and safety standards established by Spanish and European regulations.

If you want to protect your team of workers during their daily tasks, you can rely on T2S Ibérica’s PPE and workwear. Our team of professionals will be happy to assist you in choosing the right equipment that provides maximum protection without compromising on comfort and ergonomics.

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