Through the digital store of T2S Ibérica, we sell high visibility clothing worldwide. We have customers on all continents, who for years have chosen us as their trusted high-visibility apparel suppliers. From large multinational industries that regularly buy equipment in bulk, to local factories with lower requirements, we have very diverse customers.

Regardless of where our customers are in the world, the checkout process is just as agile: with a few clicks, they can find what they’re looking for, add it to the shopping cart and pay with the payment method of their choice. It is worth noting that our digital channels not only allow us to reach everyone, but are also an excellent way to make things easier for our customers, having detailed information about each of the products in three different languages: Spanish, Catalan and English.

Along with the multiple photos of each product, our customers will also be able to find detailed descriptions about them and the sizes and colours in which they can be purchased. In addition, both in the description and in the technical sheet that all our products have, customers will have access to consult which are the international certifications with which they comply with each of the garments.

In addition to the quality of excellence of all our products, which are certified by international regulations, we provide the best customer service to each of the companies or individuals who bet on us. In this way, not only do we have our communication channels always open to answer questions and other concerns, but we also try to make agile deliveries, which in most cases do not exceed 3 days from the moment the online purchase is made.