ORALITE® films of the 9910 BRILLIANT GRADE PREMIUM series have been specially developed for the production of traffic guidance signs and devices intended for long-term outdoor outdoor use. The films are manufactured with an adhesive that ensures excellent adhesion to metal substrates such as aluminium or galvanised sheet steel.

The retroreflection values and daytime reflective colours comply with EN 12899-1, class RA3.

Dimensions: 50m spools
Widths: 610 mm and 1235 mm
Durability: 12 years (non-fluorescent colours)
References: ORALITE 9910

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  • CE-certified according to the European Assessment Document EAD 120001-01-0106 for the manufacture of permanent vertical traffic signs according to EN 12899-1.
  • Complies with the requirements for type XI sheeting according to ASTM D4956
  • Level III
  • 10 colours, including 3 fluorescent colours for daytime high visibility
  • 50 metre reels with widths of: 610 mm and 1235 mm
  • Expected service life with proper use: 12 years (non-fluorescent colours)
  • High level of brightness
  • Waterproof
  • The material is strictly designed to be adhered to uniform metal surfaces, such as aluminium and galvanised steel.
  • UV-stabilised acrylic film surface
  • Excellent printability (Screen print with ORALITE® 5018, and UV digital print with ORALITE® UV Traffic Sign Printer using ORALITE® 5019i)
  • Lettering film: we recommend using ORALITE® 5081
  • Transparent film: we recommend using ORALITE® 5061


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