T2S Ibérica offers a wide range of high visibility summer clothing.

With the arrival of summer, it is important to have high visibility workwear ready for summer. Years ago, many users had a preconceived misconception that hi-visibility clothing was hot and not very breathable, and therefore increased sweating. 

The hi-visibility summer clothes sector has evolved a lot recently, and companies now offer a wide range of different clothes to meet the needs of all users.

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What type of hi-visibility summer clothing do I need?

There are many types of high visibility summer clothing, the choice of one or the other will depend on the needs or comfort that each person is looking for, whether they need it on a one-off basis or whether they need to wear it for a long period of time.

  • Workers with short exposure to risky situations

For people who find themselves in situations where there is sufficient separation between the worker and the traffic, as long as the traffic does not exceed 40 km/hour, and they will not be in the danger zone for a long time, the waistcoat is a suitable garment. For example, we would be talking about workers in car parks, warehouses, or architects or technicians making site visits.

There are high visibility waistcoats of different types, incorporating an airflow mesh fabric to give the wearer the maximum breathability possible.

The Safari air waistcoat is a lightweight, functional press, which does not heat the wearer. One of the most cutting-edge products is the Safari led waistcoat, a garment that incorporates 11 high-brightness LEDs for increased visibility.

  • Workers who spend long periods of time in situations where they need to be visible

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About people who are exposed for a long time to situations where they need to be visible, it is better to make use of garments such as high-visibility T-shirts and polo shirts.

Choosing one or the other will depend on a very personal decision, and will respond to criteria of whether the person feels more comfortable with one garment or the other. The protection in both pieces will be the same.

As for the T-shirts, there is currently a wide range of possibilities to choose from and with cutting-edge technology on the market: UV filters, antibacterial fabrics, seamless garments… The Bali T-shirt is a lightweight garment with an air-flow mesh fabric under the arms to give the wearer adequate ventilation and breathability, and no internal seams to rub against the skin.

The Jakarta T-shirt, in addition to all the above, offers UV filtered sun protection.

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The Balize T-shirt offers UPF 30+ sun protection, but is also made of a fabric with an antibacterial treatment. Nowadays, we find hi-visibility T-shirts with a feminine fit, that fit the body and are light, breathable and offer solar and antibacterial protection, as is the case of the Bahia T-shirt.

About the polo shirts, the catalogue of models to choose from has also been considerably expanded.

The Borneo model is a flexible, lightweight and breathable piece thanks to the knitted mesh with which it is made and the airflow mesh that incorporates under the arms to offer more ventilation. It also offers UV sun protection.

About the Takamaka polo shirt, it has an antibacterial treatment and UPF 30+ sun protection, and its cut is close-fitting and ergonomic.

Other summer accessories

There are summer days when early morning or evening temperatures mean that we need lightweight, high-visibility jackets. A wind stopped jacket is suitable for these situations. It is a garment that will protect us from the wind and rain, but without reducing breathability, as it has rear vents that ensure maximum ventilation and comfort. It is also a very compact jacket because it can be stored in the back pocket of a pair of trousers, making it easy to carry.

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