In T2S Ibérica we have several models of reflective tapes and photoluminescent tapes that can be customized with the logo of your company or the text you want. This is an innovative solution to corporate clothing without detracting from visibility.

Some T2S Ibérica tape models that enable this type of customization are the following:

  • Oralite GP 340 Shadow: allows you to add logos or messages with a shaded effect
  • Oralite GP 340 Imagine: offers the possibility of stamping an image or logo on the ribbon every 18 cm
  • Rethiotex 26400: this microspherical tape offers the possibility of unlimited customization

Some reasons why the personalization of work uniforms is usually recommended, whether they are high visibility, is that it is a strategy that improves the image of a company, especially in sectors of attention to the public. In addition, this constitutes great publicity for the brand, by providing greater visibility and notoriety to its name or logo.