Reflective vehicle wrapping is a road safety element that increases the visibility of different types of vehicles. It not only serves to increase its visibility in low light conditions, but also allows it to meet certain criteria established in current regulations.

In T2S we have sheets for both emergency vehicles and vehicles that want to indicate the position on the road or that perform a service, activity or work operation, in a situation of stop or parking. It is important to note that V-2 type signalling does not require administrative authorization. 

As for high-quality commercial labelling for vehicle fleets, at T2S Ibérica we have four models of reflective films: Oralite VC 612 RA, Oralite VC 412 RA, Oralite 5650 RA and Oralite 5600. All of them are easy to apply and have a durability of 7 years. Also in the catalogue of our website you can know the 11 colours that we have available. 

For use in company fleets, they have some characteristics that make them really required: they are easy to cut sheets, with a high resistance to industrial washes and in case of having to remove them they can be made in one piece.