To position the headlamps properly, it is very important to use the right adhesives. In the catalogue of the T2S Ibérica website, you will find all the necessary elements for optimal placement. 

Keep in mind that the products needed to place them on different surfaces and conditions are not the same. Therefore, in T2S Ibérica we have 3 different adhesives: 

  • Bitumen adhesive: it is a heat-meltable adhesive, which offers high performance in both asphalt and concrete. It is special for temperate climates, although it stands out because it also maintains its flexibility properties in situations of low temperatures. For warm or very hot climates, we have Tropical Bitumen, which supports temperatures of up to 70 degrees.
  • Two-component adhesive: This adhesive consists of two elements, a gray paste and a catalyst. It is an adherent that offers great tensile strength. Its useful life of use depends on the ambient temperature. For optimal adhesion, it should not be used in temperatures below 7º or higher than 35º, as well as with wet pavement.
  • Single dose adhesive: it is the most recommended for maintenance situations. It is a thermo-adhesive pad that allows to glue floor headlamps on an asphalt surface. It offers a fast, clean and simple application.

To contribute to an agile and optimal placement of the headlamps, in T2S Ibérica we also have an application device that helps the dosage of the bitumen adhesive and works with a butane or propane gas cylinder. This device emits an acoustic signal that warns the user that the distance has been travelled to place the next headlamp.