Retroreflective films can be placed on a wide range of metal and plastic surfaces and flexible signs. Therefore, in the T2S Ibérica catalog we have several options, specially designed to fit every need.

Vinyls for metal traffic signs are usually used on aluminum or galvanized steel sheet. These signs can be seen both day and night, and are essential on traffic roads, when it comes to directing traffic and preventing road accidents.

Plastic sign stickers are essential for informing certain guidelines, giving directions, or notifying drivers of any changes. The sheets of this type of Iberian T2S are specially made so that they can adhere easily and with great resistance to plastic surfaces.

In T2S Ibérica we also have vinyls for flexible signs and cones, as part of the vinyl catalogue for traffic signs in works. We have two different retroreflective vinyls of this type: the Oralite 2018, which is applied by heat on flexible surfaces such as cones and self-rolling temporary signals, and the Oralite Radiance, which consists of a robust sheet highly reflective and resistant to inclement weather, which can be die-cut and cut with a plotter, without the need to seal the edges.