The headlamp collectors can be placed on four different types of surfaces: pavement, concrete, two-wave barrier and edge milestone.

Pavement headlamps are retroreflective headlamps that serve as a horizontal guide, reflect incident light and help drivers better visualize the roads. Its main function is to contribute to the improvement of visibility, although there is a condition of low light and rain.

The headlight sensors for bionda barrier are those retroreflective elements that are placed in safety barriers, walls and parapets, to indicate the margin of the road. In T2S Ibérica we have headlamps for bionda barrier with closed and open anchors, easy to install. 

The headlamps for concrete barrier of T2S Ibérica offer a high power of reflection and versatility. The DBH model is made of synthetic rubber support and stands out for its ability to return to its initial shape, after suffering significant elastic deformations. In addition, it has four points of support to prevent it from turning unintentionally. The DNJ model, on the other hand, has a large retroreflective surface and, thanks to its 4 centimetres wide, maintains high visibility and offers resistance.

Finally, the retro-reflectors for edge milestone offer good retroreflection from different angles of light incidence and night visibility both on straights and curves.