Just as there are certain vehicles – among which are those belonging to the emergency services, those that provide assistance for breakdowns and police cars – that must have a special labelling that allows drivers to distinguish them and be able to identify them even in conditions of darkness, trucks, and trailers must also have a special labelling. 

Reflective signage for trucks and trailers is subject to strict road safety regulations. In T2S Ibérica we know perfectly the legislation with which it must be complied with, and that is why our products are approved and comply with all the characteristics of colour and retroreflection that guide the guidelines. This means that they comply with the standards set by the regulations in terms of temperature resistance, retroreflection coefficient, water tolerance and reflective efficiency, among many others.

Trucks that carry heavy loads and must move, sometimes slowly on the road, or at high speed at night, must adapt to specific designs according to their length, width or if they are coupled. Due to the wide variety of options that exist in this area, at T2S, we have an exclusive range of products designed for reflective signage for trucks.