At T2S Ibérica we have high visibility reflective tapes for workwear in a wide range of different colours: fluorescent orange, fluorescent lime, red, silver, grey, black, green, blue, navy blue, salmon, and white.

The Oralite GP 325 comes in three different colours: fluorescent file, silver and white. All of them are reflected in all weather conditions. The Oralite GP 340 and Oralite GP 370, on the other hand, come in silver, white, fluorescent lime and orange, offering an additional option to the colour gamut.

The Oralite GP 340 High Light model can be found in white, grey, black, green, blue, navy blue, salmon, offering an expansive range of colours to choose from.

Both the Oralite GP 340 Shadow model and the Oralite GP 350 can be obtained in two different colors: white and fluorescent lime. 


The Oralite GP 801 comes in silver, as do the Oralite GP 801 FR, Rethiotex 26250 and Rethiotex 26400. The Oralite FTP 1200 comes only in fluorescent yellow, as do the Oraite FTP 2000 and Oralite FTP 2100.

Finally, the Oralite GP 801 Check, is the only model that comes in checkered combined colours. These are the varieties from which you can choose: silver with blue, silver with red, silver with green and silver with black.