T2S Ibérica has a wide range of materials for asphalt repair. In our catalogue you will find all kinds of solutions to repair asphalt potholes, regardless of the type they are.

Some of the most popular products that you can find in the catalogue of our website are:

  • ChipFill: it is a thermoplastic that is specially created for the repair of potholes and small holes in the asphalt that do not exceed 15-20 cm in diameter. Its function is to fill the holes and prevent them from continuing to grow. One of its great advantages are that its repair time is just 20 minutes, until it can be opened again to traffic. 
  • AntiSkid: it is a non-slip crushed glass aggregate that serves as a complement to the ChipFill, to increase its anti-slip index.
  • Rollplast: This pure acrylic polymer resin with already mixed aggregate, not only serves to repair potholes and peelings, but is also perfect for filling fissures and cracks. It stands out for its anti-slip index, which is above 65 SRT. It is also well-chosen for the speed of its application (between 10 and 15 minutes), and for the speed of drying (between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the temperature), before painting and resuming traffic.