High-visibility reflective workwear tapes are made of a material capable of bouncing light back to its source. Therefore, there are certain types of jobs that require those who carry them out to wear work clothes that include these tapes.

These types of uniforms are called “high visibility clothing”, and in fact there are European regulations that establish in what circumstances their use is mandatory.

Reflective workwear tapes are designed to adapt perfectly to the different characteristics of the piece of clothing and the adversities it faces. In this way, they can operate even in the most challenging conditions: rain, fireproof garments, industrial washes, dry cleanings, and many others.

Those of T2S Ibérica are reflective tapes of high resistance and quality. In the catalogue of our website we have many different models, such as microprismatic tapes, whose reflectivity exceeds the maximum performance level of EN ISO 20471:2013.

In workwear, reflective tapes can be included in jackets, parkas, sweaters, raincoats, waterproof pants, t-shirts and polo shirts, vests, and many more. There are also accessories, such as backpacks and bracelets, that carry this type of ribbon.