Reflective tapes are an important safety component, as they are the key piece for a piece of clothing and the person wearing it to become visible to the environment. It is essential to incorporate these reflective elements into work clothes, as they are an element of safety at work, which is very effective in preventing possible accidents.

T2S Ibérica has a wide range of reflective tapes of different types, which are designed for each type of garment. In our catalogue you can choose from 15 different options, which are created to adapt perfectly to the different characteristics of the piece of clothing and the conditions it faces. 

Ours are high strength and quality retroreflective tapes, which are perfect for use in environments with rain, and other challenging weather conditions. They can also be applied to fireproof garments, resist industrial washing, dry cleaning, and many other conditions to which this type of clothing is usually exposed.

Its good maintenance is essential for its long durability, as well as to maintain its effectiveness in low light situations. When cleaning them, it is recommended not to use abrasive products or bleaching agents, or expose them to direct heat sources such as ironing.