In T2S Ibérica we have a complete catalogue of products specially designed to maintain and repair the asphalt of the roads. In this way, we offer materials to repair potholes, peelings and cracks, others for burned surfaces and milling levelling and others to correctly mark road lines.

To repair potholes and peelings we have the ChipFill thermoplastic, which is designed to repair potholes and small holes in the asphalt in just 20 minutes. As a complement to this product, we have the Anti-Skid, which is a non-slip crushed glass aggregate that allows to increase the anti-slip index.

If what needs to be repaired are cracks and fissures, in T2S Ibérica we have Rollplast, a pure acrylic polymer resin with aggregate already mixed, which also serves for peelings and potholes. The entire process of fixing with this material takes less than an hour.

For the repair of burned surfaces and levelling of milling, we have a polymer resin indicated especially for the repair of burned asphalt, called Rollgrip. In 15 minutes it is applied on the surface, and in a maximum of 40 minutes it can be painted if necessary, and opened to traffic. It is available in different colours.