In the catalog of T2S Ibérica you will find 4 different types of headlamps. Keep in mind that the choice of one or the other will depend on the location in which they should be placed:

  • Pavement headlamps: These retroreflective headlamps reflect incident light and serve as a horizontal guide so that users can visualize the delineation of the road. In this way, visibility is increased even in the most adverse conditions, such as those with low light and rain.
  • Headlamps for two-wave barrier: these retroreflective elements are placed on safety barriers, walls and parapets, and serve as a guide and delineation of the road margin. In T2S Ibérica we have headlamps for bionda barrier with closed and open anchors, both of an easy installation. 
  • Concrete barrier headlamps: this type of barrier headlamps are a solution for safety in linear reflectorization against concrete barriers. They offer a high power of reflection and versatility.
  • Edge milestone catadioptrics: these signalling elements reflect light from an external light source and make it possible to distinguish and recognise road boundaries in low light conditions. At T2S Ibérica we design vertical and round retro-reflectors, which offer good retroreflection from different angles of light incidence and night visibility both on straights and curves.

Keep in mind that, in case you need advice on the different types of headlamps, at T2S Ibérica we can provide you with 100% personalized attention.