In our catalogue you can find high visibility clothing  for work designed especially for construction, traffic control, road work or outdoor work in general. Because the weather conditions in this type of work can be really inclement, we have ideal clothing for all climates. 

Thanks to our parkas, working days during the coldest days and nights of winter will no longer be a problem, as they provide all the necessary shelter. Thinking about the hottest days, in T2S Ibérica we have cool, light garments with UV protection. For rainy days, our raincoats provide the highest level of impermeability, which will keep users dry and with the highest level of comfort.

It is important to note that we have models specially designed for women, and others for men. In addition, all our models come in a wide range of sizes: from XS or S, to L or 3XL, depending on the garment. In this way, we seek that the clothes can fit in the best possible way to the body of all people, with the aim of providing the greatest comfort and freedom of movement to each of the users.