Reflective vehicle wrapping is governed by certain regulations, which state that not all vehicles must use the same reflective wrapping system. This is because, as the functions they must fulfil are different, the way to label them must also be. In this way, it is logical that emergency services, assistance for breakdowns, assistance to people in accidents, police cars or security forces, each carry a distinctive and different labelling from the rest. 

Another vehicle that requires labelling of this type are trucks that transport heavy loads. Due to the wide variety of options that exist in this area, at T2S, we have an exclusive range of products designed for reflective signage for trucks.

Quality reflective materials are what allow the vehicle to be visible and safer for its occupants and for other drivers on the roads. For this reason, it is significant to consider the regulations and comply with them. Suitable reflective tapes are approved to meet requirements for colour, retroreflection coefficient, resistance to water, temperature, ignition or chemical substances and do not lose their reflective effectiveness in the short or long term.