To place in plastic signs, in T2S Ibérica we have six different types of retroreflective sheets that guarantee the best day and night vision. All these designs are designed to facilitate the maximum placement, as well as to guarantee its adhesion and resistance.

The retroreflective sheets for plastic signs of the Oralite 5930M Prismatic Construction Grade model have a medium-term duration and are indicated to signal construction sites, construction zones and certain warnings on traffic routes.

The main characteristic of Oralite 5930M sheets is that they are formed by a single layer, which prevents dirt from entering the edges. In addition, thanks to the fact that they are made of microprismatic sheet of level II monolayer, they are highly waterproof. They also stand out for having a PVC film surface with a special treatment for plastics. For all these characteristics, they have a long service life, which is 5 years.

Oralite 5930 plastic sign vinyls are designed to be glued on polyolefin bases and surfaces, due to the adhesive they have. It emphasizes its great adhesion and its ease of gluing, which is almost instantaneous. Its reflection values comply with EN 12899-1 (Europe) and the diurnal reflection colors meet international specifications for reflective materials of this class.

The Oralite 5930M sheet is a level II microprismatic vinyl that is extremely flexible. It stands out for its resistance to corrosion and solvents, which gives it a useful life of 5 years.

ORALITE 5830 plastic sign vinyls are made of a level II microspherical sheet. They are indicated for signs and traffic guidance devices and warnings. They are specific for plastics and guarantee good adhesion immediately. Furthermore, they are flexible vinyls that resist the application of solvents and corrosion, which have a useful life of 5 years.

The Oralite 5430 is a vinyl for plastic signs, which adheres perfectly on rough surfaces almost instantaneously. Among its main characteristics, it can be mentioned that it is a flexible, retroreflective vinyl, which is made of level I microspherical sheet and has a useful life of 4 years.