In addition to offering sheets  for the labelling of reflective vehicles, in the T2S Ibérica catalogue you can find alternatives for the signage of urban and road furniture. These include headlamp collectors and retroreflective sheets for traffic. In addition, we have sheets to incorporate into permanent and interchangeable containers in urban centres.

Headlight collectors are a horizontal road marking tool that is often used to complement road markings and allow the light they receive to be retroreflected. In our catalogue you will find a multiplicity of models of headlamps: pavement, for two-wave barrier, for concrete barrier and retro-reflectors for edge milestone.

In our catalogue you can also find retroreflective sheets for traffic, both definitive and works. These are sheets that are placed vertically on the road to make the signs visible both day and night.

The sheets for permanent and interchangeable containers in urban centres are easy to apply and allow improving the visualization of rubbish containers that are on the side of a road, for example, in low light conditions.