T2S Ibérica has a wide range of types of high-visibility reflective tapes for workwear, which are specially designed to adapt to each type of garment. Our models can be grouped into 4 groups: microprismatic tapes, microspherical sewing tapes, microspherical tapes for heat sealing and photoluminescent.

Microprismatic tapes are characterized by their robustness and high resistance to solvents and inclement weather. They have been designed to be sewn into high-visibility garments and stand out for their high level of reflectivity, which exceeds the maximum level of performance of EN ISO 20471:2013. In order not to lose its effectiveness and protect the prism surfaces against dirt and moisture, the reflective material is welded to a polymeric film stabilized against UV radiation. In addition, the Oralite GP 340 model offers the possibility of customizing it with the logo, name of your company or the text you want.

Microspherical sewing tapes are mainly used in work environments where vehicles are present. It is a type of tape that improves the visibility of the user and thus reduces the risk of being run over. Therefore, it is the perfect tape for work on roads, railways, airports, warehouses or shipyards, although it is also widely used in sportswear. They stand out for their high durability (they resist at least a cycle of 50 domestic washes without losing effectiveness). The VizLite 305K tape offers flame retardant protection, which also makes it the right choice for fire, heat, and flame protective clothing.

Microspherical heat-sealing tapes are reflective tapes that are applied to garments by heat. This allows them to adapt to the user’s movements and thus provide high flexibility. Its effectiveness is total, even in elastic garments, without running the risk that the tape can come off. In T2S Ibérica, we have microspherical tapes for heat sealing of different types: for fireproof protection, impermeability, and breathability.

Finally, photoluminescent tapes are those that absorb UV rays and give off luminescence on their own in situations of low light or no light. Its great advantage is that, thanks to the combination of photoluminescence and retroreflectance, it allows the user to be visible from anywhere even if there is no light. At T2S Ibérica, we have customizable photoluminescent tapes that can include a logo or text of your choice. This model also incorporates a layer of glass microspheres that allows a retroreflectance at 90 mcd / lux.