In T2S Ibérica we have sheets for reflective vehicle labelling both for emergency vehicles and for those who want to indicate the position on the road or who perform a service, activity or work operation, in a situation of stop or parking.

We are a leading company in the market specialized in retroreflective materials in Spain and Portugal that puts at your service products perfectly approved for your specific type of vehicle and / or fleet. Among the customers who rely on our solutions are large companies and even public institutions, such as the body of the Mossos de Esquadra, whose recently inaugurated fleet of vehicles has retroreflective elements from T2S.

If reflective films are looking for high-quality commercial wrapping of emergency vehicle fleets, then the Oralite VC 612 RA Chevron and Oralite 6901 models are the ones to do. The first one has the cutting-edge Rapid Air (RA) technology that allows a quick and easy application and reduces the possibility of bubbles and wrinkles in its application. 

The Oralite 5921 M, Oralite 5821 and Oralite 5421 models, on the other hand, are indicated for the labelling of warning signs in vehicles. If needed, they can be easily removed from lacquered surfaces by applying heat, without damaging the surface. In addition, they are designed for outdoor use and have a useful life of more than 4 years. 

In our catalogue, you will also find films for high-quality commercial labelling of vehicle fleets. The four models are the Oralite VC 612 RA, Oralite VC 412 RA, Oralite 5650 RA and Oralite 5600. Like some of the models mentioned above, all of them incorporate Rapid Air technology to facilitate the application. They have a great resistance to industrial washing, and their duration is 7 years. Some models are available in up to 11 different colours.