The use of high-visibility clothing for work is regulated by the ISO 45001 Standard on Safety and Health at Work, which not only applies in Spain and the rest of Europe, but also has international validity. 

This regulation is responsible for establishing which are the situations in which it is mandatory to use it. Next, 

  • When the work activity takes place in an environment with a risk of being run over because it is close to moving vehicles;
  • When the work takes place in a space with the presence of moving machines;
  • In any type of emergency situation.

These conditions apply both to workers who carry out their work during daylight hours, and those who do so at night. To comply with the standard, there are different types of materials:

  • Fluorescent clothing: serves to increase visibility in broad daylight, as it reflects UV rays, and converts them into visible light;
  • Retroreflective clothing: thanks to the material of its tapes, they reflect the light they receive, resulting in the best alternative for night work in low light conditions;
  • Combination of fluorescent and retroreflective clothing: it is the most recommended in jobs that take place in conditions with variable luminosity.