At T2S Ibérica, we are leaders in the manufacture of high visibility clothing in Spain and Portugal. In the section of our website called “High Visibility Clothing”, we have all the options we have to offer you, which are divided into our two lines of PPE of this type: “Workwear” and “Target2safety”.

There you will find jackets and jackets, parkas, softshells, sweaters, polo shirts, rain pants and much more. All our models come in a wide range of sizes so that they can be adjusted in the best way to the size of each of the workers. In this way, our equipment is comfortable, even to face the most challenging working days. 

In addition, all our equipment has the latest technology. An example of this is the RETHIOTEX segmented microspherical retroreflective tape that can be found on the Clipperton® model jersey, which is a heat-applied tape that offers unsurpassed and lightweight flexibility.

In addition to high-visibility clothing, at T2S Ibérica we offer accessories that are perfect for use as safety accessories: our Ballast backpack, for example, has an exclusive system that guarantees the best protection in potentially dangerous environments. Our Canyon backpack, on the other hand, has the same capacity and provides total protection against sand, dust, mud, and water.